Monday, June 27, 2005

Today Was A Pretty Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. Work went fairly well. One of our customers is probably going to be giving us a ton of business before the holiday, so things will probably be crazy this week. Today while I was at work I got to watch my friends discuss how they believe Billy Graham has some whacked theology, and how one of my friends will no longer give his ministry anymore money because Graham said he was a democrat. I have never seen the quotes, so I can't comment on it myself, but I would be disappointed to find out Billy was a democrat.

After work I grilled some steaks, and I must admit tonight was one of my better efforts. They were very good. My wife and I then discussed our plans for this weekend, and what we would like to do. We will be in the Ozarks this weekend at the Tantara resort. We are very excited. We have never been there before, and we have heard great things. We shall see.

That is it for now. I only have an hour or so before bed, so I am going to read. Have a good night everyone.


Chris said...

I don't care so much about BG being a democrat as I do him stating that Jesus is not the only way to heaven.

Tim said...

I have been to at least 3 of his conferences and read many books written by him, and about him. Not once have I ever read or heard him say this.

People will tear down anyone.

I could only hope to be half of the man Billy Graham is. He has done amazing things for the kingdom.

Mr. Hawk said...

"People will tear down anyone."

- When they say things like that, yes.

kissfan said...


Tim said...

It was a porterhouse. Thank you for asking. Medium rare if anyone wants to know.

Fever said...

Graham said he was a democrat on national TV...he told it to Katie Couric on the TODAY show last week. I confirm its truth. It is not a cut at Graham, he professed it himself.