Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Think The Day Has Finally Come!

I think the day has finally come! I am making the call. Sanjaya is going home from American Idol tonight. Sanjaya's peformance last night was so bad, it was not funny. Not to mention he looked like a biker/cowboy/clown.

His sister was not in the audience this week, and I think that may have had an impact as well. People were tuning in to see Shyamali, and without her being there, I personally think some may have lost interest. Shyamali has been one of the biggest internet searches as of late.

I may be wrong on my prediction for tonight, but let's keep our fingers crossed. What will become of Sanjaya Malakar?
Has Sanjaya ruined American Idol?

Another factor that has American Idol in the hot seat is the fact that the camera caught Simon rolling his eyes last night when Chris Richardson sent a shout out to his friends at Virginia Tech giving them his support after the horrible tragedy that took place on the campus this week.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed at Virginia Tech this week as well. It makes this whole American Idol/Sanjaya story seem very small and unimportant.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Prediction

I have been having a hard time really getting into writing my critiques of the American Idol performances. It just feels so dumb, knowing that I should be predicting Sanjaya to go home, but for some reason America keeps voting for the kid. Last night, he once again sounded like a weak little mouse. However, it was probably one of his better peformances. He also decided to sprout a little facial hair for this weeks theme. I could not keep myself from laughing as he kept looking for the camera, and would give us his steamy Sanjaya glare. Does he not know that the world is mocking him? Does he not see Ryan Seacrest basically losing it, everytime he talks to or about Sanjaya? Maybe he doesn't care, since he is going to be the one going on the American Idol tour, and probably scoring some kind of deal. It all is dumb.

I love American Idol. I think it gives people a great opportunity to be discovered and to showcase their talent. However, when people with extreme talent like Melinda or Jordin may lose to some kid who is basically a joke, it ruins it for me. We may be watching one of the last seasons of American Idol.

So since we all know Sanjaya Malakar will stick around another weak to annoy us all, I am predicting that Haley Scarnato is going home tonight. I do agree with Simon that the only thing that has kept her around this long is her looks. Every week she keeps wearing shorter skirts or shorts to show off her legs. Her song last night was very weak, and very boring. So Haley, so long my friend. It has been real. We will see you on the American Idol tour. I guess this is Sanjaya's world, and we are just living in it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This Scientist Believes In God

Dr. Francis Collins is the Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. Read why this scientist believes in God here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Update on the Reisetter's

I know some of you have been wanting an update on the Reisetter's, so here is the latest email I have received from Matt.

Thanks to so many of you for your prayers, concerns, emails, phone calls, drop-ins, notes, etc. I feel a little sheepish about the attention we’ve been getting – and about sending out another email. But several of you have been asking, plus I said I’d follow up - and this is the easiest way to do it!

Upon returning from Iowa City late this afternoon, we don’t know much more – with any degree of certainty – than we did when we left home. I guess “uncertainty” is the word we live with today and the reality we’ll live with into the short term future.

The ultrasound didn’t reveal any physical markers for either Trisomy 18 (which is lethal within the first year, at least) or Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (SLOS – a mental and physical handicap), which is encouraging but not conclusive. Either disorder could still exist in our daughter – but the lack of physical markers diminishes the chances, especially with Trisomy 18.

Jen did have the opportunity to have an amniocentesis, which would’ve given us conclusive evidence one way or the other, but we chose not to do that because of the risk it exposed the baby to.

We’re learning a lot … not just about these disorders and pregnancy related stuff. We’re learning sensitivity toward others who have walked this road before – or who face health concerns of any kind. The comments and prayers and notes we’ve received make us want to be more supportive to others who’ve been in our shoes before and will be in the future.

We’re also learning that the Lord works on a person’s heart in times of uncertainty in ways that he does not work under different circumstances. We want to know what’s going on for sure, and we don’t like uncertainty too much – but the blessing of it is that we’re able to learn to trust God in a whole new way.

Your continued prayers for peace of mind and a sense of “alrightness” and trust in the midst of uncertainty are very, very much appreciated.

Looking forward to returning to Iowa City as football fans rather than outpatients!

The Reisetters


I am pleading with everyone out there who has been a part of the Sanjaya Malakar joke to stop the insanity. My ears can not take anymore. I am asking any Howard Stern fan who is helping the cause or any person that has been a part of the Vote For The Worst craze to please not vote for Sanjaya anymore. He has got to go home. It has gone too far.

Please send Sanjaya Malakar home from American Idol.

Thank you for listening.