Monday, February 28, 2005

Growing Old

Getting older sucks. I am 30 years old, yet my body feels like I am 60. Let me explain.

This weekend the softball team that I will be playing with beginning in April had it's first practice. Now I am an athletic person that has been involved with sports my whole life, even though over the last year I have let myself go quite a bit. After 2 hours of fielding ground balls, chasing down drives cranked to the outfield, and about 50 or more swings at the plate, my body is in pain. My muscles ache so bad it is stupid. Why does growing old have to suck so bad?

I will say getting out on the old ball diamond did feel good. Is there a better place? I don't know how good our team will be, but you can bet on me having a great time. Looks as though I will be moving from Third Base this year, to Second. I am up for it.

Sunday, there was a birthday party that my wife and I attended. The party was at a bowling alley, so my already hurting body now aches a little more. How sad is it, when you get aches from bowling? I am pathetic. I bowled a 160, 110, and a 125. I was pissed. I usually average a 160. However, it was fun. I still am in awe of the majority of people you find in a bowling facility. The chicks there are HOT!

Well, now I am sitting in my chair at work, hurting, and smelling like ICY HOT. Getting old sucks.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big Trade

Football is huge part of my life. I played football for years, and I love the game. Recently there was a huge trade in the NFL. One of the most talented receivers in the league was traded, Mr. Randy Moss.

Moss was traded to the Raiders. Has there ever been a more pefect fit? The only problem is, the Raiders don't have anyone to throw him the ball.

Let me tell you why this trade bothers me a bit. Are you ready? THE BRONCOS HAVE TO DEFEND HIM TWICE NEXT SEASON. I am a huge Denver Bronco fan, and I hate the Raiders. Someone like Moss can really hurt my Broncos, and that is not good.

However, think of the matchup next year. Moss vs. Bailey. It's on.

Two for Four

Okay, so I was two for four with my predictions for American Idol. The two girls that I picked to go home were booted as I thought, but I missed with my predictions on the guys side. Did anyone feel as bad as I did for the first girl who got kicked off? She just stood there in shock. She couldn't talk or move. However, you have to go in with the realization that it could be your last night. You have to be mentally tough.

Well, we will see how the competition rises. I'll be back next week with more predictions.

As for more music news. This is a pretty interesting item. My friend Chris passed this on to me yesterday. By the way if you haven't been to his site go there now. Go to

Anyways, here is the music news I was talking about.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

American Idol

Well boys and girls, the time has come for me to make my predictions on who will be cut from American Idol. As you know the boys performed on Monday, the girls performed Tuesday, and the cut will happen tonight. The boys will lose whoever received the 2 lowest amount of votes, and the same goes for the girls. Now that you are all caught up to speed, here are my predictions.

The two boys that will be going home are...
1. Anwar Robinson
2. Travis Tucker

The two girls that will be going homre are...
1. Melinda Lira
2. Sarah Mather

What do you think?

Monday, February 21, 2005

Here Is The Address

Here is the address that I promised everyone. Go to it now.


Okay, I'm A Copy Cat

I am a loser. I want it to be known that my friend Hags created a blog first, and then I copied his idea. You really need to go to his blog as well. It probably will have better stuff, but when he created his, I had to have my own blog as well. Usually I am not a follower, but this time I am guilty as charged. I will create a link to Hag's blog very soon.

I hope that everyone reading this site will enjoy the things my friends and I bring your way.

I'm out.

Trying To Get This Thing Working

So far this is not worth the effort. Do I really have anything that important to say, that is worth this much work? I am getting pissed. I hope this works soon.