Thursday, February 24, 2005

Two for Four

Okay, so I was two for four with my predictions for American Idol. The two girls that I picked to go home were booted as I thought, but I missed with my predictions on the guys side. Did anyone feel as bad as I did for the first girl who got kicked off? She just stood there in shock. She couldn't talk or move. However, you have to go in with the realization that it could be your last night. You have to be mentally tough.

Well, we will see how the competition rises. I'll be back next week with more predictions.

As for more music news. This is a pretty interesting item. My friend Chris passed this on to me yesterday. By the way if you haven't been to his site go there now. Go to

Anyways, here is the music news I was talking about.

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Chris said...

That first girl that got kicked off wasn't in shock, she was just really pissed. I thought she was going to deck Seacrest when he tried to rub her back.

She wasn't very good. I'm not much of a judge of musical talent, but I can usually tell when someone's off pitch.