Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big Trade

Football is huge part of my life. I played football for years, and I love the game. Recently there was a huge trade in the NFL. One of the most talented receivers in the league was traded, Mr. Randy Moss.

Moss was traded to the Raiders. Has there ever been a more pefect fit? The only problem is, the Raiders don't have anyone to throw him the ball.

Let me tell you why this trade bothers me a bit. Are you ready? THE BRONCOS HAVE TO DEFEND HIM TWICE NEXT SEASON. I am a huge Denver Bronco fan, and I hate the Raiders. Someone like Moss can really hurt my Broncos, and that is not good.

However, think of the matchup next year. Moss vs. Bailey. It's on.


Chris said...

Actually, it will be Moss vs. Bailey, your free safety and a nickle CB.

A better defense would be to hand out free weed at the team hotel.

Tim said...

Chris, give yourself a tongue for the weed take.