Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Prediction

I have been having a hard time really getting into writing my critiques of the American Idol performances. It just feels so dumb, knowing that I should be predicting Sanjaya to go home, but for some reason America keeps voting for the kid. Last night, he once again sounded like a weak little mouse. However, it was probably one of his better peformances. He also decided to sprout a little facial hair for this weeks theme. I could not keep myself from laughing as he kept looking for the camera, and would give us his steamy Sanjaya glare. Does he not know that the world is mocking him? Does he not see Ryan Seacrest basically losing it, everytime he talks to or about Sanjaya? Maybe he doesn't care, since he is going to be the one going on the American Idol tour, and probably scoring some kind of deal. It all is dumb.

I love American Idol. I think it gives people a great opportunity to be discovered and to showcase their talent. However, when people with extreme talent like Melinda or Jordin may lose to some kid who is basically a joke, it ruins it for me. We may be watching one of the last seasons of American Idol.

So since we all know Sanjaya Malakar will stick around another weak to annoy us all, I am predicting that Haley Scarnato is going home tonight. I do agree with Simon that the only thing that has kept her around this long is her looks. Every week she keeps wearing shorter skirts or shorts to show off her legs. Her song last night was very weak, and very boring. So Haley, so long my friend. It has been real. We will see you on the American Idol tour. I guess this is Sanjaya's world, and we are just living in it.

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