Saturday, February 18, 2006

Olympic Blunder

Call me mean. Call me what ever you want. What I saw the last night on the olympics last night, was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Not only was it funny, but in my estimation, it was exactly what should have happened.

Jacobellis was way ahead in her snowboarding race when she decided to be a showoff and pose for the cameras. She didn't land her last jump because of her hot dog move, and crashed causing her to lose out on the gold medal. See the attached story.

If there is ever a time in sports where we don't need showboats, it is in the olympics. Jacobellis deserved what she got, and she should be ashamed. She will now go down in history for this gaffe. My guess is her career will not be remembered, except for this faux paus.

I laughed hard.

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Anonymous said...

One time I saw Beast in the local college dunk competition. All he had to do was a simple 2 handed jam with some power, and the contest was his. Instead, he decided to "showboat" a little, and attempted a Tomahawk 360. Well, he missed the rim completely and lost complete control. Needless to say, he got second place and no chicks...