Tuesday, September 12, 2006

London's 5 Month Pictures

Here are a few new pictures of London. She is 5 months old. Her personality kills me. She is too funny. London is a very strong baby and a very well behaved baby. She loves her veggies and fruits. I would guess that she is a couple weeks from crawling. She is the joy of our life. Brittany is a great mom, and family life is good. Having a child is such a blessing. Look for London to be on the music charts soon. She has some serious pipes.


Carrie said...

DANG that's one cute baby!

laura fever said...

Tim, she is such a good mix of you and Brit. In one, she looks just like you and in another just like Brit! She is beautiful!

Laura (Fever)

kelly said...

I can't say it enough. She is just a beautiful baby. And I'm sure she's growing so fast . . . so update us would ya?!