Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weaver Helps The Cardinals To A 2-0 Series Lead

The St. Louis Cardinals look like a new team. After just escaping one of the worst collapses in baseball history, the Cardinals have hit the playoffs full steam ahead.

Weaver helped St. Louis grab a 2-0 series lead today with the help of the bullpen by pitching a 2-0 shutout. LaRussa went with Weaver instead of Suppan and once again he made the right call. Suppan who is much better at home will pitch game 3 and try to wrap the series up.

The defense has been playing great. In my opinion Belliard has come up huge for the Cardinals at Second Base. He has made some huge defensive plays at critical times. The only thing that I see as a problem right now is the base running.

Pujols made a running error that worked out only because the Padres defense fell asleep. I am a huge Albert fan, but he has to start making better decisions on the base path. I love his intensity and his desire to win, but he has to be a little more under control on the base paths. Wells also caught Molina napping on the bases today. The Cardinals are need to cut down on there base running mistakes the deeper they go into the playoffs.

I predicted the Cardinals would sweep the Padres and as of now my prediction looks good. Look for the Card to wrap it up at home in game 3.

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