Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great 80's Television

I was thinking about the great TV shows from the 80's. What are some of your favorites?

I will throw out a few of mine to get the ball rolling.

1. Silver Spoons
2. Seinfeld-actually aired in 1989 so I guess it counts
3. Threes Company
4. Who's The Boss-I had a mad crush on Alyssa Milano
5. Knight Rider

There is a start. GO!!!


RR said...

Dude... how on EARTH cn you talk about 80's tv shows without MacGyver???

But seriously:

The A-Team. (Come ON!)

Chris said...

Three's Company, Who's the Boss and Silver Spoons are among my most despised television shows of all time. My most hated 80's sitcoms is Facts of Life

The best TV show of the 1980's was Fraggle Rock.

Tim said...

I can't respect you for hating those shows Chris. I never was in to Fraggle Rock.

Ryan those are some great choices. I did not list all of my favorites.

Family Ties may have been my #1.

Keep the lists coming.

Sharp said...

I just got the first season of Family Ties here in Jordan for my birthday and we just finished watching it.

You have to love DVD series collections of T.V. shows.

Why is it nobody mentioned The Cosby Show? We have been watching the first 3 seasons of that as well.

Anonymous said...

Different World with Jasmine Guy and The Cosby Show with Lisa Bonet---those are my favs!

Kelley said...

1. Family Ties
2. Silver Spoons (Ricky Schroeder was a total babe)
3. Murphy Brown

MTR said...

Is Family Ties the one with Michael J Fox as the conservative son of former-hippy liberals? If so, I like that one.

The other one I loved was TJ Hooker ... a cop show with William Shattner and Heather Locklear (who still looks exactly the same ... timeless).

And how about Duck Tales ... that was late 80s, wasn't it?

the sife said...

Alf is the funniest sitcom ever on television.

Stephanie R said...

Hey Tim!~~ this Steph Huff

My husband and I would like to add

Give me a Break
Night Rider
Growing Pains
Magnum PI

and I don't know if this would count but it was my favorite show to watch in the 80's--Reruns of The Brady Bunch!? And sad to say my parents had to get rid of cable because I was glued to MTV videos.