Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brian's Super Picks For NFL Week 3

So our NFL pick guy (Brian) went 2-1 last week. The Houston game was postponed. He is back again this week for all of you NFL junkies and gamblers.

Here are his picks...

1. Lock of the Week
Buffalo will (Marshawn) Lynch the Raiders.
Buffalo over Oakland

2. The Denver Katrina's will devastate New Orleans.
Denver over New Orleans

3. With the extra week off, Houston will upend Kerry "don't call me Tom" Collins.
Houston over Tennessee

4. High flyin' Matt Ryan over the crappy Chiefs.
Atlanta over Kansas City

and...just for a little extra somethin', somethin', the Fantasy Player of the Week is Michael "the burner" Turner.

In closing, Brian wants to give a fond farewell to 3 Head Coaches coaching their last week in the NFL. Lane Kiffin, Herm Edwards, and our very own Scott Linehan. I will probably be 2 for 3 on this.

We would love to have comments on Brian's predictions and we would like to see your picks.


Anonymous said...

I am going to disagree with your Houston over Tennessee pick. I think Tennessee's defense is too strong.

Anonymous said...

Well I disagree with you. Houston's defense is very stong!

jer said...

Can this guy please make some picks on tough games like Steelers-Eagles, Cowboys-Packers, etc.

Raiders are terrible, Texans are terrible and the Chiefs are horrid. Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Don't woof about what i'm picking if your not leaving your picks up there.