Friday, December 09, 2005

Can I Help You?

On August 27th of this year my great friend Chris got married. It was a great day. He and Amanda had a lovely wedding. Amanda looked beautiful and Chris looked smooth as usual. It was a great time of seeing old friends, telling and hearing great stories, having good beer and cigars, but most of all celebrating Chris and Amanda's wedding day. There were many great moments, but one really stands out.

On the day of the wedding a few of the groomsmen(Ben, Dan, and I) took Chris to get a few products we thought he may need for the evening. As we strolled the aisles trying not to draw a lot of attention to ourselves, we neared the needed products. Ben and Sife were kind of hanging back a few rows for some reason, but I was sticking by Hags at this important time. I mean, he was just about to invest in some fun products for his evening ahead. Just as we are entering the aisle we needed, the pharmacy clerk says, "Can I help you?" At the top of his lungs Chris responded, "Yeah, I am looking for some KY Jelly."

I swear that at that moment Target must have been dead silent, because Chris's voice literally echoed through the store. You could hear Sife and Ben start laughing. It was a great moment. Chris stood there looking at all of the enticing products just thinking about the fun he would have only hours from that moment. He looked like a kid in a candy shop. He gathered his products, we headed to the checkout, and we headed out.

It is a story that will be told for years to come.

Fellas, I know you are out there. Any additions to this story would be welcomed. Posted by Picasa


Chris said...

Did you scour the whole web for the largest picture you could find?

"Top of my lungs" is maybe an exaggeration, but I certainly wasn't ashamed!

Tim said...

Don't dawg my pictures. The picture is very important.

Secondly, you were real loud.

Fellas, get my back here. Tell him how loud he was.

Mr. Hawk said...

I agree that Chris was pretty loud. He wanted the world to know.

Anonymous said...

Wings anyone?