Monday, December 12, 2005

Who Is The Carver?

Who is the Carver? This question has been bugging me for some time now, and I am growing impatient. For those of you that watch Nip/Tuck, you know exactly what I am talking about. For months now we have all been trying to figure out who this slasher is. Is it Christian? Is it Sean? Matt? Quentin?

I used to think it was Quentin, but I am not sold on that anymore. I think The Carver is Matt. Matt has been getting a little scary, and I think he has some severe anger built up. I could be wrong, but that is who my money is on.

Who do you think The Carver is? Why?

If you don't watch Nip/Tuck, you really should.


Pete Eklund said...

That show is wild... I watch it sometimes. Lynn hates it when I watch it.


Anonymous said...

I love lamp.

and wings

diamond lil said...

I think perhaps it is Kimber. She is into all kinds of hippidy dippidy, and has done a disappearing act. I really think it could be her, or perhaps the older lady/man Matt had an affair with and her son killed himself. She left too, so who knows, she could be in the picture? Whatever, it is a damn good show.

Tim said...


After seeing last nights show, maybe I was wrong. As you see in next weeks previews, it looks as though The Carver strikes again. Matt was with Christian at the end of the show, and Sean and Julia were together.

Quentin needed money to be leaving town. This is fishy.

Who knows?