Wednesday, June 21, 2006

London Updates

Well here she is. London is already 3 months old. She has finally started to sleep through the night, which has been a great thing for Brittany and I. London is a very alert baby, and really likes music. She seems to prefer Classical and Jazz as of now.

We have a few trips to the swimming pool, which she loved. She loves the water. Bath time is one of her favorite times of the day. She has never cried during a bath, and really likes to lounge in her little bath. Her tub includes a little hammock in which she dangles her legs and arms over and splashes like crazy.

Her smile is amazing and melts my heart like nothing else can. However, you can't see the smile in the pictures posted above. She had been smiling like crazy for Brittany and I, but as soon as the photographer started snapping pictures, she became very serious. It was very funny. London's personality is already forming, and it is hilarious. She is a very happy baby, but very serious and intense at times.

More updates and pictures to come.

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cca said...

between you and dawn i don't know who's worse at not posting new blogs......