Friday, February 23, 2007

Film Claims That Jesus' Burial Site Found

New film documents discovery of Jerusalem cave containing ten caskets believed to hold remains of Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and others.


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Fever said...

Ok, this is interesting....but:

1. Apparently this site and the tombs were found nearly 30 years ago. Why so long until this is made public? Recall the James Ossuary found recently--it was only a short time before this was made public. So the length of time is fishy to me.
2. I recognize no known scholars mentioned in the article referenced by Tim. To the contrary, we have HOLLYWOOD FILM MAKERS at the helm. Not to write these guys off, but I don't know that these guys are the best to do this. Perhaps they are behind this for propagandic purposes...
3. I know of no mention of this "finding" amongst Biblical scholars and archaeologists, whether confessional or not. And if, as the article says, there has been "decades of research," who has been doing this research? I would think Biblical archaeologists and scholars would be the people to call. But I have neither heard nor read of any such work being done. Again, this is problematic and fishy.

Those are my thoughts. Me thinks it is propaganda and nothing more. Let me do some more looking around; but, I think I am right on this so far.

Fever said...

The Biblical Archaeology Society has no mention of this "finding."


more to come as I find it. Though I doubt there is anything more.

Tim said...

For more on this topic go to

See the post "The Coffin and DNA of Jesus"

Fever said...

I was mistaken...when the tomb was discovered in 1980, Biblical scholars and archaeologists did hear about it, but made little of it for various reasons. This amounts to the following: the people who know the field and what they are doing considered the claims about the tomb unfounded. Now those who want to make something of the tomb have had 30 or so years to create their story.
See more on Ben Witherington's site: