Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mayhem in Minneapolis

I have traveled over this bridge a hundred times or so. When I caught wind of this tragedy a knot instantly hit my stomach. I have friends and family that live there and I knew that they cross over this bridge often.

My initial calls to family and friends found answering machines which increased my heart rate and caused me to feel a little sick to my stomach. After an hour or so of calling I finally reached them and I calmed a bit. However, my stomach was still sick for the people I knew had been involved and for the people who I knew would now be missing a friend or loved one. I could only imagine the people that were trapped under the piles of concrete or the people that would have plunged in to the water. Being trapped in a car as it sinks in to water is one of my greatest fears.

Twenty people or so are still missing from this tragedy. If you have any family members or friends that are still missing or know of anybody that was a part of this awful tragedy feel free to use the comment section here as a board for communication.

If you were there and witnessed it or were a part of it, please write a description of what all went down.

My prayers go out to anyone who has lost someone in this accident or is still missing someone.

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Kelley said...

I can't even really think about this. The whole sinking in a car fear? Me, too.