Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This week's American Idol Predictions

Okay. So I didn't get to watch American Idol this week. However, I am dedicated to making my predictions, so I ran and checked out last night's performances.

David Cook did a great version of Billie Jean. He had some great vocals and I really liked the arrangement. David Archuleta sang a song that I have never heard. I wonder who is choosing his songs. The judges really liked Michael Johns performance, but I thought it was horrible.

I think that overall the night was just an average night by all of the performers.

However, I think it is the end of the road for Ramiele Malubay. She seems like a very nice person, but her performances have just not been that great. In fact, this week it sounded as if she was really having to push to get the notes out. It was like she was yelling.

So that is it for now. Tell me what you all think.

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hippychick said...

I missed it too but watched the youtube of Cook. I thought it was way original and he sounded great. Ramiele is sweet but if I have to see her cry one more time I may just lose it!!! Looking forward to catching up tonight...

Anonymous said...

Cook blew me away! That was an awesome arrangement. I used to be a big David Archuleta fan, but the last 2 weeks have not impressed me. I guess I'm riding Cook's coat-tail now-----After all, he's from Missouri!

jeremy said...

I liked Tim Bastron's version of "Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnner!!!"