Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, here is my prediction for tonight. As much as I hate to see it, I think Brooke White may be going home tonight on American Idol. If it was to be based on the performances alone, I think Jason Castro would be going home. His vocal was just weak this last week. The song was not his style. Brooke forgot the lyrics but came back pretty strong I thought. I just don't think she has the following Jason has.

Brooke seems like a great girl, and I hope she does very well in the future. She appears to be a person of great integrity and I respect that a lot.


hippychick said...

Your prediction was incorrect sir!! Did not get to see last night but both the girls sounded good tonight. Good to see you back on line my friend.

Tim said...

I was wrong. My predictions have not been that great this season.

clare said...

Come back!