Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jury Finds Casey Anthony Not Guilty Of Murder

I would have never guessed this verdict a few months ago. I am very disturbed by this.
What are your thoughts?


Scott Watson said...

I posted this on FB, but will rehash. First, there are two courts operating here. The first is the actual court. The second is the court of public opinion. Second, the court of public opinion is fueled by the moronic reporting I have heard on CNN-Headline News Screech-fest in the evening. I would think we need to understand that the so-called experts in the media are not the defense, the prosecutor, or judge and we are not the jury. Running our courts on soundbites and speculation would be disasterous.

The decision might be surprising, but without taking the to come to understand the actual issues contested in the trial, I think we are premature to react viscerally upon the verdict in the court of public opinion.

Not to say our system is perfect - far from it. Just saying don't be swayed by emotion and media sensationalism.

Tim Bastron said...

Good post by Chris Brauns here.