Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Global Leadership Summit: Session Four/Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick:
Lead Pastor, Elevation Church
Charlotte, North Carolina

Wow. Steven was amazing. An absolute great way to end an amazing first day of the Summit.

Here are some of the take aways from Steven's talk.

*"One of the reasons we're so insecure is that we compare our behind-the-scenes to everybody else's highlight reel."

*"The difference between a visionary and a daydreamer is the audacity to act."

*"We teach our children to say please and then thank you. However, with God we say "thank you" before we say "please" for anything."

*"I don't want to just survive the world, I want to change the world."

*2 Kings 3: 9-20
"If you want to see the land filled with water, dig ditches."
"Faith doesn't wait around for water, it digs a ditch."
"Don't just dig A ditch, make this valley full of ditches."

*"I can't expect God's blessing on my work unless I do it God's way."

*"God doesn't call you to finish what he's called you to do, just to get started."

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