Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Global Leadership Summit: Session 2/Len Schlesinger

Session two opened up with Len Schlesinger with his lecture titled "Action Trumps Everything".

Len Schlesinger:
President, Babson College; Harvard Professor; Former Vice Chair, Limited Brands
Boston, Massachusetts

My key insight to his talk was...The leader is committed to a reality that does not exist.

Len says that in the face of the unknowability, here are 16 reasons why action trumps everything.
1. If you act, you will find out what works...
2. ...and what doesn't.
3. If you never act, you will never know if you are right or wrong.
4. If you act, you will find out if you like it...
5. ...or you don't.
6. Acting leads to a market reaction, which could take you in another direction.
7. As you act, you can find people to go along with you.
8. As you act, you can find ways to do things faster, cheaper, better.
9. If you act, you won't spend the rest of your life going, "I wonder what would have happened if..."
10. If all you do is think, you are less interesting as a person.
11. If all you do is think about stuff, you gain tons of theoretical knowledge, but none from the real world.
12. ...all you do is think.
13. Action always leads to evidence.
14. If you act, you know what is real.
15. Talking to people is action...
16. It seems the cost of doing more thought, before you pull the trigger, is zero.

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