Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Baby Update

I am sure some of you are getting sick of my baby updates, but you are going to have to deal with it. The days keep getting closer until the due date, and Brittany are I are so excited we can hardly take it. In fact we are down to 52 days until the due date, so it could be even sooner than that.

Here is an update as to what has been going on with the baby.

The baby's toenails are now fully formed. If the baby is a boy, his testes are still making their descent. Because of the rapid brain growth of the last few weeks, the circumference of our the baby's head has increased by about 3/8 inch. The developing brain pushes outward on the skull, but it also folds upon itself to create more of the convolutions.

The baby is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. Right now, it should measure around a foot long and weigh about 3-3.75 pounds. That is the equivalent of 7 cups of water. By the time this week ends, our baby will have added almost 3/8 inch to its length.

The volume of amniotic fluid has reached its maximum by now. As the baby grows, there will be less fluid and more baby an so considerable movement from within is obvious. Our baby must be a wild one because it is always moving like crazy. At this stage the baby will also sometimes practice sucking by sucking their thumbs or fingers.

It is all so cool, and a true miracle of God. Brittany and I wait with great anticipation. We will keep you updated.


Kelly said...

I don't know about everyone else but personally I've been waiting for a baby update. How's Brittany feeling?

Tim said...

Brittany is feeling good. Her back is really starting to hurt, but you know how that all goes.

If you could keep the baby in your prayers that would be great. The doctors have said that the right kidney looks dialated, and that the baby is only in the 10th percentile as of right now. We don't know exactly what that means, but it has us a little scared. She has to start taking weekly fetal stress tests. We just once would like to hear from the doctor that everything is looking perfect. Please keep it in your prayers everyone.

Kelly said...

I've been doing weekly NSTs for the last 10 weeks. Don't get yourselves too worked up. I'm sure the doctors are just being extra careful. I know it can all be overwhelming as we've had one of those kinds of pregnancies as well -where you just want the doctors to say for once that everything looks perfect- since 16 weeks. We will keep you in our prayers.