Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls Has Died

Today is a sad day for me. Lou Rawls has died.

I can remember driving around in my mom's big white Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme as a little boy. I can still see the big black 8 track tape sticking out of the dashboard as the music of Lou Rawls surrounded me. I can still see my mom grooving to the music as she sung along.

As a boy I was introduced to a lot of great R&B/Soul artists, and Lou Rawls was at the top of the list. I can remember how rich and smooth his voice sounded, and how today I still love to listen to his music.

As the years go by and more the artists I grew up listening to leave us, it feels as though a part of my childhood goes with them.

Thanks for the tunes Lou.

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diamond lil said...

Lou Rawls rocked a lot of people's worlds as his smoothe tunes were sung about love. You are right about losing a lot of the old artists. However like Marvin Gaye whose life was cut way too short and many others they still live on in their music and in our hearts and memories.