Thursday, March 03, 2005


Let me first start by saying I suck. I guess I know nothing about musical talent. For two weeks now, I have only been 50% correct with my American Idol predictions. Wait, on second thought let me say this...America you know nothing about musical talent. How can America have voted off Aloha instead of Janay? Were they watching?

The guys are far more talented than the women in this competition. It will be interesting though to see how America continues to vote. I think Mr. Fedorov and Janay will be gone next week, but we will see how they perform. They may just fool me.

Well that's it for this weeks American Idol report. Out.


Mr. Hawk said...

You are gay for watching American Idol.

Chris said...

I just like Simon making people cry. Apart from that, my interest lies solely in watching Carrie Underwood.

Tim said...

Sife's comments do not bother me. Hags you can not let Sife get to you like that.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I'LL WATCH IT AGAIN!