Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Here are my predictions for who is going home this week on American Idol...

1. Constantine-his rockin' days are done
2. Travis-the Bobby Brown song killed him

1. Janay-should have been gone last week
2. Amanda-she is hot, but her performance was not


Chris said...

I thought that the performances last night from Vonzell and Mikalah were weak.

Although I still love Carrie Underwood, I wouldn't be upset if Nadia won, either.

Tim said...

I do agree that Mikalah's performance was weak, but I think she may get by. I think she may be a fan favorite. She has some spunk. Vonzell is a good call as well, but I think she is safe. Unless the cowgirl outfit she work gets her booted.

Word on the Carrie Underwood call.

steph said...

I regret to say I did not get to watch the girls perform last night but as far as the guys go I think Travis and Anthony are going home this week.