Monday, March 07, 2005

The Hawkeyes and My Bet

Some of you still may be recovering from the huge win the Hawks had in the Bowl game. I mean, could you believe the last play of that game? I was screaming running around my family room in awe of what I just saw. Another buddy of mine actually put his shoulder through a wall in his house. Not to mention they beat the LSU Tigers. LSU, the same team that was the National Champion just last year.

This is a great thing, however for me it is getting a little scary.

I have friends that are crazy Hawk fans. I mean these guys sleep, eat, drink, and dream Iowa football. Now I am a Hawk fan as well, but not even close to these guys. Every year I have to hear why the Hawks are going to win the Big 10 and why they probably will get to the National Championship game. I appreciate their loyality, and their drive to see the Hawks do well, but sometimes it gets old. I have seen their hopes and dreams crushed so many times. So a few years ago I made a bet. Here is the bet.

If the Hawkeyes ever win the National Championship in football I will run from Dike, Iowa to Cedar Falls, Iowa in a pink thong bikini.

That is right! You heard it here.

However, now I am starting to get a little concerned. The Hawks are good, really good. They are evil. The defense pounds the crap out of people and the offense is not shabby at all. They have the X factor.

Next year some polls I have seen have the Hawks ranked at #2.

So in the next few years if you happen to be driving around the Cedar Falls, Iowa area and you see some guy running in a pink thong bikini, it is me. Just smile, wave, and yell GO HAWKS.


Chris said...

I'm trying to not get my hopes up for a Hawkeye National Championship run just yet. The Big Ten will be tough next year, making it very difficult to run the table. That having been said, the schedule is favorable, and Captain Kirk finds a way to get the job done. I fully expect to see them contend for a Big Ten title, but making it to the Rose Bowl will be mighty tough.

jer said...

Yes, i do love the Hawkeyes, however I believe that I am realistic about the Hawkeyes chances each year and I have never said that they will win the National Championship...even this year when they went 10-2, i predicted them being 8-4.

This upcoming year, could be another special one, but I don't want to get my hopes up yet either (I agree with Chris' comments). I love my Hawkeyes to death and hope to see them continue to finish in the top 10 each year.

I especially enjoy it when they beat the piss out of the Gophers, cause then I can once again tell all the idiot Gopher fans up here that you do not have a good beat the teams like SW Texas St and Atlanta College for Women and start the year out 6-0 and everyone up year thinks they are going to win the National Championship and then reality sets in and you finish the year 7-5 and go to the Motor City Bowl. Fricking Gopher Fans (sorry about that everyone)

Chris said...

I haven't released a formal prediction yet for the 2005 Hawkeyes, but I'm leaning toward a 9-2 or 10-1 regular season. The pivotal game for the season will be the September 24th Big Ten opener at the Horseshoe. If the Hawks win that one, it the rest of the BT season will fall into place. Michigan at home is huge.

Look for a full prediction later this summer on my own blog.

Reisetter said...

If not this year or next year, then quite possibly 2007 or 2008. Why? Because the Hawks don't play Michigan or Ohio State either of those years...actually this is only what I've heard, but haven't checked it out yet. Besides that, that'll be around the time that this year's recruiting class is coming to age.

Don't mess with Kirk Ferentz. Don't mess with Kinnick Stadium. Don't mess with the Iowa Hawkeyes.
And don't mess with Tim Bastron in a pink thong bikini!

Fever said...

Tim, I will run alongside in a shiny silver one.