Thursday, March 17, 2005

One Shining Moment

Since today is the opening day of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament I thought I would share my "One Shining Moment" of the NCAA tourney we like to call March Madness. It went a little something like this...

Let me set the stage...the year was 1995.

UCLA came into the 1995 NCAA Tournament ranked #1, but didn't get a lot of respect from the East-coast-biased media. Repeatedly during the tournament, commentators would question whether UCLA could run with Connecticut or bang with Arkansas. In each game, the Bruins proved themselves worthy of their ranking. In the championship game, they survived Arkansas' vaunted 90 feet of hell to win 89-78. However, that was not the impressive part. What was impressive happened during that game.

During the game, one of the many time outs was taken, and the broadcast got ready to go to commercial. The cameras panned over to the UCLA cheerleaders, and that is when it happened. One of the cheerleaders, who was a smoking hot blonde girl blew the minds of millions within just a few seconds. Who knows if she had someone dare her to do it or not, but who really cares. The girl shook her boobs with such veracity that her UCLA sweater shook like it was in the middle of a hurricane. This girl was stacked like Pamela Anderson. It was a great moment.

The first thing I did was grab the phone and call my friend Chris. He knew exactly what I was calling about. In fact the first words out of his mouth were, "I already know why you are calling". We both sat and talked about it for 15 minutes. Not to mention I was doing this with my girlfriend at that time sitting right next to me. It didn't matter, that moment had to be talked about.

So this goes out to the UCLA cheeleader whoever you are. You are forever etched in my mind and the mind of my friend Chris. Thanks for the memory and that "One Shining Moment". Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

So to all you ladies out there. A lesson can be learned from this pretty little thing out of UCLA. Shake them if you've got them.


Chris said...

It really was that cool.

I remember the phone call quickly degenerated into a lot of yelling and "oh shoot!"

For a long time I lamented why I chose to go to college and law school in Iowa and not southern california.

Big Sis said...

OOOHHHHH, Tim, Tim, Tim....

By the way, why is there nothing about your birthday (which was last week) on this site?

Hope you had a good one!