Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ribbons and Bracelets

I can't take it anymore. All of these magnetic ribbons and all of these different colored bracelets that everyone is wearing have got to go. There is a ribbon and a bracelet for everything. Now don't get me wrong I support the troops and I hope someone, some where finds a cure for breast cancer, but I am sorry. All of these people are walking around with a bracelet of every color and they don't even know what they are supporting. I am guessing the ELCA will have a rainbow colored bracelet coming your way some time soon.

I see all of these cars with ribbons driving around. They have anti-Bush bumper stickers, with a smile Jesus loves you bumper sticker next to it, with a huge ribbon saying "Support Your Troops".

I can't take it anymore. The flags lasted for how long after 9/11? How long will the ribbons and the bracelets last?

Let me just say this. If you have a bracelet and you are thinking about buying another one. Please step away from the counter. If you have more than one magnetic ribbon on your car, please go take one off. Don't spread yourselves too thin.


Mr. Hawk said...

I agree. Bracelets and ribbons are dumb.

I've read that various hospitals around the country put yellow bracelets on patients who've decided that they don't resuscitation. This could really cause problems given that number of "livestrong" bracelets being worn by folks.

Anonymous said...

Bracelets started out with a true meaning and identity. However now kids in school are trying to find different identities, whether positive or negative, and are wearing them because atheletes they admire do, or in many cases they have become symbols of gangs, or showing others that they have had sexual encounters. Its sad, but true. I deal with it everyday.

Fever said...

I have a yellow livestrong braclet. I have had it since about day one when they first came out before any wagon riders got them. My dad had cancer--it will get me, too. I wear my livestrong bracelet because I don't want my dad to die from cancer, and I don't want to die from it. Support cancer research, damnit.

Tim said...

I do support Cancer research, I just can't support people that wear about 1500 bracelets. I do know you had yours before it was a fad. However, I still stand by my initial comments.

fever said...

I agree with the initial comments....wagon riders are dumb asses that forgot how to think for themselves; instead they group-think and can't even defend their dumb-ass actions. They insist that they are being different and unique, when they all look alike. I wear ONE yellow bracelet. You'd think that will all of the wagon riders wearing them I would not have to explain what it means...but, I still do. gladly.

fever said...

That last line was supposed to say, "...WITH all of the wagon riders...", not "...will all of the wagon riders..."
I think you understand.