Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who Is Going Home?

Okay, so last week I was two for four. This week I am feeling just as confident as last week. Tonight we will find out who is packing up their stuff and heading home on American Idol. Here are my predictions for who is going home.

First, we will start with the guys.
1. Anthony Fedorov-the kid is a nice kid, and a favorite for some because of what he had gone through, but Anthony is not even close to as talented as the rest of the guys. Later Anthony.

2. Joeseph Murena-even though this guy has the boy band looks, he is out of there. This guy is cheesy, and needs to be singing in some lounge in Vegas.

Now for the girls.
1. Celena Raye-just didn't sound good. Yes, she looks very good, but her singing last night was poor. Later baby.

2. Janay Castine-this little girl from Georgia came out last night trying to her thing, but in my opinion she bought herself a one way ticket home. Oh yeah, one more piece of advice Janay. NEVER EVER WEAR A SHIRT THAT SHOWS YOUR STOMACH AGAIN!

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steph said...

I have to agree with your predictions this week, I will be watching tonight to see if you are right. Last week two out of four wasn't bad!