Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let's Play Ball


Students at Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley, were bent that the school rented out its baseball field to the Spice Channel so they could shoot a promotional video for their porn. The school, which is strapped for cash, made $5,000 by letting them film a promotional video on their baseball field. The shoot didn’t have any actual pornography in it, just skanks and dirtballs in “provocative attire”. Oh, okay. I guess that makes it ok? Look, you may need cash, and I understand that's a powerful motivator, but they're porn freaks. Think this through all the way. Sure, you get five grand and that's a nice piece of coin, but how much of that are you going to have left after you have to clean everything up after they leave? $10, maybe $20? Think about it. The second they leave, you're going to have to bulldoze the field and get the hazmat team out there. What, are you going to let your players go out to the mound and use the same rubber that some filthy porn skank was just standing on? Of course not! It’s a public health issue. You are going to have to replace the dugouts. Who knows what those people would bring in and leave all over the dugout benches. Those need to go. You are going to need to re-seed the infield. You are going to have to buy new bases. If one of those guys touches a bag, then it's ruined forever. Sure, you got a check for $5,000, but how many doctors visits are your players going to have to make as a result. Pierce president Tom Oliver said, “If we knew they were going to do something pornographic, we should say no. We have said no to a couple of shoots before. Photography is one thing, but when you get multiple people involved, when you co-mingle people, that’s not art.” Thanks Tom. I appreciate you breaking down when smut becomes porn. I appreciate it. Co-mingling? What’s that, Pierce College's code for no gang bangs?


Chris said...

I need a link to where you found this. I think your "code" analysis is spot-on.

What kind of college is this. If it's your run-of-the-mill liberal college, then I say go for it. It would be a little different if its a school with a religious affiliation.

Mr. Hawk said...

Porn stars need love too, you know.

Chris said...

Don't they get plenty as it is?