Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Baby Names

My wife and I like to talk about baby names. In fact, we believe that we have come up with some great names for our babies if we have them some day. No, I can't tell you the names. They may be names that people like or they may not be. However, my wife and I don't really care. The one thing I do know is that our names will be better than Dee Brown's baby. Check this out.

ESPN's NBA analyst Dee Brown's wife is expected to give birth next month and they officially have taken the crown as the biggest Star Wars geeks in America. You see, the Browns have decided to name their baby boy, Anakin Walker Brown after the Star Wars character who becomes Darth Vader. Dee, from all of us, we're thrilled about the baby. Can't wish you and your wife more good luck and best wishes, but why name your kid Anakin Brown? What JarJar Binks wasn't available? What other names do you have to go through before you stop on Anakin? What did you skip over General Grievous or Lando? Were there no other Star Wars names you could select from? You can rip the people who dress up and wait for weeks in line, but when you name your kid Anakin you've crossed that unspeakable line.

After reading this story I have thought that maybe I am missing out on an upcoming trend, so I thought of some names for my future child.

1. Freddy Krueger Bastron (Nightmare On Elm Street)
2. Godzilla Bastron
3. Michael Meyers Bastron (Halloween)
4. Al Davis Bastron (Raider's Owner)
5. Lex Luthor Bastron (Superman)

I just want my kid to have a great name. With these names I feel like my kid would have something to shoot for. I have to give a big two thumbs down to Dee Brown and his baby name choices.



Chris said...

Lane Meyer Hagenow
Long Duk Dong Hagenow
Cledus Snow Hagenow
Del Griffith Hagenow

Tim said...

Good name choices. I was kind of sticking with the "evil guy" names. However, it looks like you are going for a different genre. Nice work.

kissfan said...

dude you watch too much tv!and what if you have a little girl?

Anonymous said...

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