Monday, May 16, 2005

Wear It!

this is an audio post - click to play


Chris said...

A groundbreaking effort. Tim will stop at nothing to bring us new technologies in his blog.

As to the underlying post: Believe it. I love it when people ask me why I won't take my coat off. I actually credit landing one girlfriend due in part to my not taking my coat off.

kissfan said...

Awesome blog!!! I like it better than microsoft Sam!!!
Keep up the good work.

Clare said...

Dude. Its so weird to hear your voice. I havent actually talked to you in so long. Strange. Really really strange. And second of all. Its totally true about the coat thing. Even in Boston, hear that everyone? Its eastcoast style that our boy Bastron got goin on...he knows where its at! :)

Laura said...

Fun to have an audioblog! It just made me smile...both to hear your voice and to hear what you had to say. I did know that club rule though, I think that you had actually told me that before:)