Thursday, May 12, 2005


This morning I brought a bowl of Cheerios to work. I have not eaten Cheerios in a long time, and let me tell you they hit the spot. To me the perfect bowl of Cheerios has a good amount of sugar on the bottom of the bowl. I like to look down at the spoon and see a nice amount of sugar mixed in with the Cheerios. It makes me happy.

Cereal is a great thing. You can eat it at any meal. It is not just a breakfast thing. It can be eaten for dinner, or is great for a midnight snack. I personally like the "sugar" cereals. My wife likes the boring, healthy cereals.

Here is my top 5 favorite cereals.
1. Fruitty Pebbles
2. Captain Crunch w/ berries
3. Trix
4. Life
5. Cheerios

What are your favorites? A lot of milk or a little milk? Favorite time of day to eat cereal?


diamond lil said...

Those cereals sound good, however sugar is not what we should want to see at the bottom of our bowl. Tastes good, but is bad for all of us. The right sugar substitute would be better, or if you put fruit on it, it adds to the flavor.

kissfan said...

Captain Crunch is awesome,but I don't like the kind w/berries.
A big favorite in our house is Frosted Flakes,but they all have too many carbs,so I tried the Atkins breakfast cereals,,,tried them with a little and alot of milk,still tasted like cardboard sprinkled w/chalk.
I skip breakfast,,just coffee for me!

jeremy said...

i agree...there is nothing better then having some sugar and milk sitting at the bottom of a empty bowl of cereal. Tasty indeed.

I am a big fan of Frosted Flakes

Chris said...

I am a cereal purist. No extra sugar should ever be put in one's cereal.

Top 6:
1. Life
2. Crunchy Granola Raisin Bran
3. Cracklin Oat Bran
4. Quaker Oat Squares
5. Grape Nuts
6. Vanilla Frosted Mini Wheats

Tim said...

I think a lot of the world would disagree with you Chris.

Pablo Honey said...

I prefer "NEW Cracklin' Oat Flakes (now with Ecstasy)"

SNL Transcript:

kissfan said...


jeremy said...

oh i forgot to mention another brillant cereal...Maple and Brown Sugar Mini-Wheats...heavenly

Laura said...

My new favorite cereal is TOTAL! Especially if you let it get just a little soggy...mmmmm good.