Thursday, May 19, 2005

Conspiracy Theories

Today we had a guy in our office who had some serious stories. This guy is a "name dropper". He is also so full of stories, you could sit and listen all day long. Today's stories were great. Here is a list of some of the stories told today.

1. A friend of his (who just happens to be a driver for our company) was secret service and was a body guard for President Lyndon B. Johnson. He says that he was in a car with this guy once, and they got pulled over. The cop saw who he was pulling over, and let him go. Remember this guy is a truck driver now.

2. Once this guy was at the old "secret service" guys house and a cop stopped by saying he needed to see all of his guns. The old "secret service" guy goes into another run and brings out a "barrel" full of guns. This guy says there must have been 100 guns or more.

3. The "secret service" guy once told this guy that he knew who shot JFK, but he could not say anything.

4. The CIA had JFK killed.

5. JFK's father was once shot in the leg in a hunting accident in Arkansas. The nurse that took care of JFK's father was none other than the future mother of President Bill Clinton. That is right folks you heard it first. This guy says that JFK's father is the father of Bill Clinton as well.

The day was full of theories and stories. I wish you could have all been here.

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Pablo Honey said...

"He is also so full of stories..."

I can think of another word besides "stories" that also starts with an 's'. ;-)