Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baseball Stadium Tour

Recently a guy in my office has been talking about his goal of going to a game in every Major League Baseball stadium. I too made the same goal a few years back. I have a long ways to go, but I will get there. Here are the stadiums I have been to.

1. St. Louis Cardinals--Busch Stadium
2. Chicago Cubs--Wrigley Field
3. Baltimore Orioles--Camden Yards
4. Detroit Tigers--Comerica Park
5. New York Mets--Shea Stadium
6. Minnesota Twins--Metrodome---worst place to watch a game ever
7. Seattle Mariners--Kingdome(old stadium, so really doesn't count)

If you have any suggestions for where I should go next, I would love to hear them. I know I am hitting Kansas City this summer. Where have you all been? What is your favorite place to watch a game?

Go Cardinals!


Chris said...

Here is my list. Not too impressive.

Busch Stadium - St. Louis
Wrigley Field - Chicago
Miller Park - Milwaukee
Safeco Field - Seattle
Kaufman Stadium - Kansas City
Metrodome - Minneapolis

Safeco was my favorite, followed closely by Miller Park.

Laura said...

I have only been to Wrigley Field and the Metrodome. My favorite place to watch the game(except that it is kind of hard to see) has been on the street outside of Wrigley field. Last summer Kyle and I decided to stand outside of the ballpark and see if any balls came our way. A homerun was hit and landed about 15 feet from us...pretty fun. I would have run to try and grab it if I had not been 8 months pregnant:)