Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mom, Throw Down Some Money. The Ice Cream Man Is Coming.

You all remember when you were young and you'd being playing out in the yard. You could hear that little musical jingle from miles away. You would stop doing whatever you were doing, run inside the house and ask for some money. That is right, the ice cream man was coming.

A few minutes later, a man in a little van would roll up with his music playing and offer ice cream to boys and girls. It was a beautiful thing. You could get Bomb Pops, Fudge Pops, Pushups, or whatever. It would make your day.

Now that I am older I am bothered by the "Ice Cream Man". They usually look a little scary, and they roll around town playing music trying to lure little kids to them. It is a little scary, kind of like clowns.

Here is a great example of what I am talking about.


diamond lil said...

Sad that our world has come to this. There was a day when children could play and the ice cream man was a nice girl or guy. I guess you just go outside with your kids now when they want ice cream, and hope for the best for the kids that are older and lack respect. Disrespect triggers anger in many. It's just so sad. Adults also need to grow up and be role models for their children.

Laura said...

In Chicago we have ice cream vendors that push carts instead of driving vans...seems a little safer, who knows?

Chris said...

All I can think about is Eddie Murphy Delirious.

Arthur said...

It's not safe to tell anyone off these days no matter how rude they are---they're probably well armed and totally lacking in self control.