Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Vonz

Since a lot of the voting on American Idol has not made any sense, I am guessing the trend will continue this week. Anthony sucks, but he will stick around because I guess the girls like him. Scott performed well last night, and I think he will make it through another round. Carrie sounded great. She sings at a totally different level than everyone else. Bo did another great job and so did Vonzell.

However, I think Vonzell is going home. She shouldn't. She can sing. Anthony should be getting on a plane and going home, but it won't happen. I am calling that there is another shocker, and Vonzell packs her bags.

We shall see.

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diamond lil said...

I agree. Vonzell will probably be packing her bags. I don't know why Anthony sticks around. Even Simon gave him some props. If I were a young girl he wouldn't do anything for me. It has been a weird year for idol. They need to change their format next year.