Friday, March 02, 2007

1 For 4

Okay. So I was 1 for 4 on my AI picks. I guess I don't think like the rest of the world. I thought Leslie would go home last week, so I do understand that decision, but I am amazed at a couple of the choices.

I was a little surprised by who was booted off of the show on the men's side. There are only a couple stand-outs on the men's side, but I thought Nicholas may stick around for one more week. Why is Sanjaya still on the show? Can someone help me please. He may be a nice young kid, but America come on. The dude does not have pop star written on him anywhere. Yes, he has a nice, pleasant voice, but he does not have what it takes. Maybe the tribute to his grandpa is what got him through. I don't know.

What I do know is that there are about 3, maybe 4 guys that are even that great. I would say Blake, Brandon, Chris R., and Phil (I may even add Chris S.) can give a few of the girls a run for their money, but I would say this year belongs to the women.



Vitamin Z said...

Who would win if these guys where the contestants of NU High Idol:

1. Matt Kaminski
2. Dave Else
3. Tucker Else
4. Darian Kimbrough
5. Jeff Borrum
6. Scott Clausen
7. Durrell Campbell
8. Aaron Howard
9. Sean Link
10. Mr. Maltas

Hags definitely needs to weigh in on this one. Hags, what say you?!!?

Tim said...

I think it would come down to Matt Kaminski, Tucker Else, and Sean Link.

All 3 of those guys would get a ton of votes from the female population. It would be a tight race, but I really see the final coming down to Matt and Tucker.

Matt has the extraordinary vocal talent, but Tucker has the dance skills to go with it, so I think Tucker would probably end up winning the whole thing. Not to mention Tucker can rap and beat box.

That talent pool is deep and there would be great performances. I can see Darian getting loose on some Marvin Gaye, and Clausen would come strong with some aria.

There are a few names that are missing. Jeff Chamberlain, Matt Hansen, Manny Bubser, Jared Morgan, and Billy Campbell.

No matter what, the NU High American Idol would be an amazing thing to watch.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vitamin Z said...


You didn't just drop that bomb on Durrell like that did you? Unreal...

Where is Sife when we need him to chime in?

Get him on it!

Vitamin Z said...

I forgot to add Merl Schmits' sister! What was her name again? She could bring the house down with the vocals.

Tim said...

Her name was Nell and that is a great call, but why are we leaving out Merl. Mad skills!

Chris said...

After having posted a comment earlier, I asked Tim to remove it. I feel that I made an error in judgment by leaving my comment on an open and semi-public forum.

We tend to slip into a false sense of security on blogs/myspace, etc. We have a core circle of readers that we are familiar with and trust. My sense is that we become too comfortable in this environment and forget that these comments are freely accessible for anyone through our friends at Google.

Tim's blog doesn't register highly at Google, so it would probably not be found. That's doesn't mean that the blog may not gain popularity in the future, or that someone could find this thread through Zach's blog or my own (both of which register on page one with Google). Tim thinks I'm paranoid (and he may very well be right), but the possibility of one of these people finding this discussion is adequate deterrent for me.

Vitamin Z said...

I want to hear from Tucker and Travis! They both have been sent this post by me.

Hags, good discernment on your part, but I doubt Durrell is going to be reading Tim's blog anytime soon, but I guess you never know...

tde said...

I think without question I would win. I don't think Matt K would come even close. His vocal stylings are so 1997. And as was mentioned in a post I can dance: nobody moves like me. what would bring the house down, however, would be a "Salute to America" tribute trio including myself, Dad, and Merl Schmitts. We would wear matching sequined American Flag polo shirts and tan Dockers, and we would do lots of sparkly-finger hand motions. It would bring the house down. Simon would even stand and applaud with a very serious (and moved) look on his face. Paula would cry. Randy would yell "Yeah!!!" Girls would weep. Men would doff their caps and salute Old Glory. Dan Seufferlein would not care. Timmy B. would run around yelling "Did you just see that?!" and then break into a KC/JoJo falsetto. Zach would belch loudly. Merl would blow kisses to the adoring audience. Evan Macomber would jump up and down and go "EEEEEEEEEE!" Eric Ellis would stand stoicly observing the absurdity. Matt Hilliard would shrug and just be cool. Mary Hubbell would like me again. Larry Alexander would pick his high top fade. Kevin Prymer would still be the nicest most sincere man in the room. Beaner would clap once then go work on his jump-shot. Travis would be angry at everyone. Jeremy Mounce would have a glazed look on his face. And we would all live happily ever-after.

Chris said...

I love Tucker Else

Tim said...

This is another version of what Tucker wrote to me...

I would win without question. Not only can I sing. I can dance: nobody has moves like me. Matt K is okay, but even he would concede that he can't compete with my range, tone, and stage presence. I have it all pictured. I would do a finale called America We Salute You and it would be a trio of me, Dad, and Merl Schmitts. We would wear sequined shirts with Old Glory imprinted on them and we would do a medley of American Patriotic favorites and include lots of sparkling-fingers hand moves throughout the performance. Simon would stand no expression on his face and clap slowly, moved beyond words. Paula would cry. Merl would blow kisses to his adoring fans. Randy would clap slowly and yell "Yeah!" Timmy B would run around yelling "Did you see that?" and then break into a Stevie B falsetto. Zach would belch loudly. Eric Ellis would stand silent and unmoved with a very stern look on his face. Evan Macomber would jump up and down and yell "EEEEEEEE!" Jeff Albrecht would say "That was the best show ever" and Tony Ellis and Jason Kinne would be there to say "And Jeff Albrecht NEVER lies!" Travis would be angry at everyone. Matt Hilliard would just look cool and a bit perplexed. Jeremy Mounce would have a glazed look on his face. Beaner would clap once then go work on his jump-shot. Larry Alexander would pick his high top fade. Kevin Prymer would still be the nicest most sincere guy in the whole room. Coach Phipps would be embarrassed for all of us but smile anyway. Denny Kettner would look sheepish for an unknown reason. Karen Couch would clap and whistle and my heart would melt. Mary Hubbell would love me again. Dave Glenn would make fun of me. I would still look like a larger version of Mini-Me and we would all live happily ever after.

Vitamin Z said...

We still need Sife's take...