Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Prediction

Okay. The final 12 performed last night and it was not that great of night. A few stand out, but that is it. Words were forgotten. Stage presence was lacking. It appears some of them just lack that "it" factor.

My vote for who needs to go home is an easy one. I really can't take another week of him. Last night he sang a horrible version of a Diana Ross song. You guessed it. Sanjaya. America, please send him home. Why is he on the show. It is a singing competition. Randy is right. If it as Hair Idol, Sanjaya would win hands down.

However, I have a very bad feeling. I believe Sanjay will stay, and someone with talent is going to be voted off. I think this girl can sing. However, I just don't think her personality clicks with the viewers. My prediction for who is going home is Stephanie Edwards.

Mark my words. Even if I am wrong and Stephanie does not go home, someone who should stay will be sent home. Sanjaya will be hanging around and singing some weak version of a song, and killing my ears for another week. Who will it be?


Geoff said...

Check out and you will see that Sanjaya will not be voted off this week. He was in the top five this week.

Tim said...

I will check it out. However, make sure to read that I did not predict Sanjaya to be voted off. I just want him to be voted off.

I predict Stephanie Edwards will go home.