Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol Prediction

Last night on American Idol Gwen Stefani was a guest judge and coach. Gwen has made a mark in the industry over the last decade with her solo work and with the band No Doubt.
It was a night with some good peformances and some that we could have done without. Of course, Sanjaya had to give us something to talk about. This week it was the hair again. What was the deal with it? However, as we know by now, he is not going home. He will stick around another week and give us something to talk about next week.
Melinda and Lakisah gave their usual great vocals. However, I wonder if America thinks they have enough "star" factor. Gina gave maybe her best performance to date. Phil came back with some strong vocals, and Jordin was good as well.
The weaker performances came from Chris Sligh and Haley. I want to say Haley is going home, but I am going to predict that Chris Sligh goes home tonight. I like the guy, but I think it may be the end of his American Idol run.

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