Sunday, March 11, 2007

NCAA Men's Basketball: Selection Sunday

Today is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Today team's will have their dreams shattered or answered as they sit, gathered around in gyms, conference rooms, living rooms,and other places watching on televisions just waitng to see their team name pop up with a seed and where they are playing. Then there are those of us who are just waiting to hear the brackets so we can begin trying to figure out who will be the next NCAA champion. Sheet after sheet will be filled out. Pencil in. Erase. Pencil in again. No, wait eraase that. Okay, that is the correct pick.

Men and women will sit around the office, water coolers, and other places just trying to figure out their brackets. Why should I not pick the 10 seed to beat the 7? Watch out for that 13 seed. We will rack our brains, trying to create that perfect bracket sheet, that seems to always evade us.

Then on Thursday starts what I think is the most exciting couple days of sports. Kids leaving it all on the floor. Little schools pulling great upsets. Tears. Sweat. Teamwork. Passion. Guts. Heart. Memories. Guys knowing this may be their last game in their school's jersey. Will this be their one shining moment?

Over the next couple weeks we will all see some great games. We will have our brackets broken. We will see guys make lasting memories for themselves that they will talk about when they are old men. Hold on to your hat, we are in for some great times. March Madness is upon us.

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