Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol Predictions:Women

In a field with a lot of talented women, this year's competition may be a tight race. However, someone always has to go home and here are my predictions for who is going home tonight on the women's side.
Haley Scarnato seems to be a fairly nice girl, but her voice just can't compete with the other girls. She is going home. Stephanie Edwards is my go out on a limb pick of the week. She has the vocal talent, but I just don't think she comes across as a real friendly person. I think her time is coming to an end on the show.

So that is it. My picks for the week. We will see how it all comes down.

Haley Scarnato & Stephanie Edwards
So long ladies.

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Vitamin Z said...

there is no way that Stephanie is going home. Haley, yes...