Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Constantine Got Screwed

Okay, I was wrong again. Scott isn't going home. Constantine and his "Big Fat Greek Wedding" self is going home. My opinion is he got screwed. Sure he did not sound good at all this week, but he is far more talented than Scott or Anthony. Especially Anthony! That guy is so bad.

Anthony comes out and sings a Celine Dion song. The guy has a ton of vibrato and can't sing different styles at all. Why is he still around? America what are you doing?

The best part of the night was watching the drama from Paula Abdul. There she was crying her eyes out for Constantine. Maybe she had a thing for him. According to the news reports, it wouldn't be the first time.
Paula Abdul

If Anthony can make it this far, William Hung should have made the top 10. America please send him home.


Anonymous said...

I love Greek men having spent a lot of time in Greece myself, however I was not judging his looks, but his talent. This week he was weak, but compared to the other two, he did get royally SCREWED. Paula, get a life.

Chris said...

I agree that Anthony is terrible, but I can't stand Scott. The guy looks like a future serial murderer. Does he ever smile?

Can we just get rid of all the guys and get down to Vonzell and Carrie?

jeremy said...

I have not watched a single episode of the Idol all year, except for last night, and it confirmed to me why i don't watch it...

1. obviously the wrong guy got kicked off

2. Paula is freakin ridiculous

Anonymous said...