Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope

Okay, I have held off as long as I can on the Pope issue. I am still not going to go into it like I could, or how I want to, but I have to say this.

Please, no more pics of the Pope being carted around on his table. He does not look good. The man is looking very white, and very scary.

Do you think this many people would have come out when Jesus died? In fact the way I remember the story, nobody was at the grave of Jesus. Two women ran to the grave and nobody was there, including Jesus. Thousands of people are going to pay homage to the Pope and be at his funeral. Would the world have done the same thing for Jesus? To top it off, Jesus died for them, and the Pope didn't.

Okay, I have to stop.


Fever said...

I am the champion of Mayhem NCAA tournament bracket pool.

Tim said...

Yes, you are. However, that has nothing to do with my post about the Pope. Give me a take on that subject.

Can you feel me?

Pablo Honey said...

I have read some downright heretical and blasphemous quotes in the media lately; and they make me want to write Catholics off as some of the stupidest and most deceived people on earth.

However, when I reflect on the similarly ridiculous, asinine quotes that show up in the media, that supposedly come from 'Christian' sources, I hold back on my urge to dismiss. My opinion is tempered, because I have a feeling that the media goes out of its way to dig up the shittiest, fringe sources as possible. When I remember how many times that Christianity (in general) has been given a black-eye by the press and by their uninformed, simpleton sources, I am able to extend more grace to the people who are inadvertently smeared by ‘sensationalized’ reporting.

I think the Pope's passing is very newsworthy since he has been a respectable world figure for quite some time. However, anytime someone tries to explain to me why the Pope is "God's man", it falls on ears that know better. The book of Hebrews speaks directly of the abolishment of the need for a human intermediary to have access to God. If you want to better understand who Jesus was and what He did, educate yourself. We live in an age where there is no excuse for folks to be ignorant of the gospel of Christ. Whether you believe Christ’s gospel or not, lack of resources on the subject is not an excuse.

Kyle F said...

The pope is God's man.

Kyle said...

I can feel you! I noticed that you have a link to the blessed WILD ONION on your site....oh, the shakin' that went on there. Can you feel me?

I respect the Pope. He is no mediator, but I think God used him in various ways. He said what he believed and did not waver, and often told things to other world leaders' faces when he thought they were wrong. The world needs people that do that; people who stand hard on moral issues and do not buckle.

Pablo Honey said...

Kyle, Your point is well taken. I want you to know that I'm not slamming the Pope. I have no doubt that his role was indeed VERY positive, and that he was a good man.

That being said, isn’t every (both Catholic & Protestant) Christian's calling no less than the Pope's? What does God ask of the Pope, that He doesn’t also ask of every follower of Christ? The Pope, no doubt had influence with world leaders, but is there anything else?

PS. I don't know anything about the WILD ONION link you mentioned. This is not my site. I was just posting my thoughts in response to Tim's original post.

Kyle said...

The WILD ONION thing was for goes way back. Sorry 'bout the confusion.