Sunday, April 03, 2005

Today At Church

Today was a great day at church. The worship time was great, the message was relevant and got me pumped up for the week, there were at least 20 baptisms, but the best part was a testimony.

A girl who works in D.C. and who is a part of the Department of Homeland Security was back for a friends wedding. This morning she just shared a little bit about how God is moving in D.C. and how President Bush is as a leader. She talked about how President Bush takes his call very serious. She spoke of how he opens his day every day in the Oval Office with a time of personal devotion time. She spoke of how he is in constant prayer about our country and the decisions he makes daily. The woman spoke about how God is moving in D.C. and how the Holy Spirit is working in people's lives that work there in the political arena.

It was so refreshing to hear once again, first hand, how our President is seeking God's face.

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