Thursday, April 21, 2005


Pink is a color that many men are afraid of wearing. Some think it is an ugly color and others believe that wearing pink is a feminine thing to do. I personally have always had at least one pink article of clothing in my wardrobe. It may have been a pink t-shirt, a pink polo, or perhaps a pink cablenet sweater, but I have always thought the color pink is a sharp color.

I do believe that not every guy can pull it off. I don't even know what it really takes to pull it off. What is it that makes it okay to wear for some guys? I know at my office I take grief for wearing pink once in a while. However, I believe that one of the key essentials is confidence. A lot of guys are afraid of being called gay or laughed at for other reasons. I think it takes a strong and confident guy to pull it off.

I am interested in what people think about this topic. Guys, do you wear pink? Why? Why not? Girls, do you like guys in pink? Why? Why not?



Lindsay said...

I love pink on guys. I guess where you live it takes confidence, but where i live it is something quite often seen. Pink is hot.

Arthur said...

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Anonymous said...


Kyle said...
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Kyle said... was love at first sight.
Pink...its like red but not quite.
Pink...its the color of passion, cause today it just goes with the fashion.

I like the color, but not too much of it. It needs to be done creatively and poignantly. When that happens, it is very nice.

Anonymous said...

You definitely have to have a certain look to pull it off. It has to be that hot trendy "in style" appearance. And confidence is a must. No redheds in pink please. The abercrombie type guy is a definite yes, the computer geek is a definite yes.

Robert said...

A lady at work told me that I'm an Autumn so pink wouldn't really be my color. Dressing in autumn colors nets me the most compliments.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pink on guys! It definitey takes confidence, but that is usually the most attractive thing about a guy anyway. A darker complexion also helps. If you're too pale and you wear too pale of a pink, it makes you look kinda sickly. Otherwise, pink is GOOD