Saturday, April 02, 2005

First Softball Game Of The Year

Last night was our teams first softball game of the year. Actually, it was a double header. We have been excited for this game for some time now. Why, I do not know. Last night was a rough night.

First, let me just say this though. I was decked out in my softball gear and I was feeling good. We played a team called "Hot Shots", and that was no joke. They kicked the crap out of us two games in a row. The smallest guy on their team was probably 6' 2" and 225. The rest of them were beer drinking fools, who were at least 6' 4" and 260 and more. They were huge, and they hit huge. These guys were sending moon shots at command. Some of the guys were hitting it out of the park and into the houses yards in the neighbor hood behind the softball complex. A few times they almost landed them on the decks of the houses. It was amazing.

Our team is a little different. We are all not that big. More than half our team is choking down cigs as they are running out to their positions on the field. After they have run the bases and can't even breathe, they hustle back to the dugout to choke down another cancer stick before it is time to take the field again. It is kind of funny to watch.

I was 1-4 at bat. Not a great night, but I made some plays in the field so that was good. However, the night ended badly for me. On my last at bat, the one I actually got the hit on I got to experience a pain I have never felt. As I ran down the first base line I felt as though someone had shot me in the back of my leg. No, I did not get shot, it was just the beautiful feeling of my hamstring tearing or pulling. I felt it pop, and let me tell you it did not feel good.

I came home and iced it for an hour. As I sat there, I thought about how far I have fallen. My body used to be in great shape. Now, it is just nothing. I could feel that I was slower last night. I didn't have the quickness that I used to have. Everything, just seemed to be running in a little slower motion. It is a sad thing. So there I sat, a 31 year old man, way past the prime of his life. Now I am left to see how long it will take this hamstring to heal. So for now, put me on the IR list.

Our team is 0-2. I have a torn hamstring. It is a good start to the season.


Mr. Hawk said...

This is why people our age shouldn't be exercising at all.

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