Friday, April 15, 2005

NFL Draft Busts

Check it out.

This sucks. My friend Trev, who I went to high school with, played football with, and ran track with is listed as one of the worst NFL draft picks of all time. I remember the day he was drafted. Mel Kiper said it was one of the worst picks he had ever seen.


Mr. Hawk said...

That is stupid, though. Kiper's prediction wasn't right. Trev's career was hampered by a very serious injury, and not a lack of ability.

If I recall correctly, Trev used to do wind sprints with the defensive backs and WRs because he was too fast for everyone else.

Trev had game, won the Butkus Award, and threw Charlie Ward on his butt.

Tim said...

I agree. I was just showing you what SI said.

carrie said...

NIIIIcE.... now this guy could pull off pink in a second.