Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Next Week

My wife leaves for Florida today. She is going down there to meet up with some friends that she has not seen in a long time. She should have a great time. Jen's parents have a place on the beach on the Gulf side, so that should be nice for them. Brittany is very excited, however she is very nervous about the flight.

Brittany's father died in a plane crash when she was 9, and since then flying on planes and her don't go very well together. I am guessing that she will have a couple cocktails with the next hour or two. Her good friend on a day she flies is usually Captain Morgan.

With my wife gone, this means a few things. One, I will get to stay up later than 9 pm. Britt goes to bed early because she gets up at 5 am for work, and she likes me to go to bed with her. Secondly, I will get to go golfing after work. Not that she doesn't let me, but I usually try to go home after work and hang out with her for the night. Thirdly, it looks like I will be making a run to the casino. Blackjack table here I come.

My wife thinks I am going to starve while she is gone. I think she forgets I lived by myself before we were married. I can guarantee that I will be eating a lot of steaks on the grill this week.

Okay, I better run. We have to leave soon to get her to the airport.


Clare said...

I dont know about that, I do seem to remember that Rosenau did a lot of the cooking when you guys lived in that mansion of yours....heh, wow that place brings back some crazy memories. PaRapa the rapper for one, Stealth Night and you two singing us to sleep with Little Man (I still find myself singing that sometimes, but only the chorus cause thats the only part I know), and watching SNL after REAL.

Anyways. Enough of that. Good luck without the wifey!

Chris said...

I don't think that you should do a lot of bragging on your diet as a single man. I was there.

Tim said...

Wow Clare you just brought back a lot of great memories. Those were some serious good times.

Kyle said...

I agree with Hags....before you met Brit, we spent a lot of time eating at Old Chicago, O'Gara's, and a few sports bars around Minneapolis. That being said, you do make a nice, juicy steak.

Paula said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I always get excited about new visitors! Hope you're being good while your wife is away and that you aren't starving!!!

God Bless You!